My Story

Your event, your birthday party or your wedding, is all about you and your guests. But on such an important day, you may want to know the person who controls the music.


I’m Max. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a DJ. As a young kid I would want to choose what the family listened to on car journeys, and I could never keep my hands off the buttons and dials on our home stereo.


As a teenager I became obsessed with collecting music. From classic rock to modern electronica, jazz to metal, classical to avant garde, I wanted it all. The weirder the better! Unable to afford any proper DJ equipment, me and a friend from school connected our two MP3 players together with a network of cables, so we could blend tracks seamlessly at our friends’ parties. I got a real

kick out of watching people react to the music I chose, and trying to find the best track to play next. That’s a thrill that never gets old!

At 17 I played my first public set in my local nightclub, The Jailhouse in Hereford. It was for my friend’s birthday party, and I used a midi keyboard, an old 8 channel mixing desk and our family computer (yes, a desktop computer!). At the end of my set I was approached by the club owner, who liked my track selection, especially Ghost Town by The Specials. He invited me back to play at some real club nights, and eventually run my own student night, “Max and PJ Presents…”


Over the next few years, I slowly upgraded my set up until I had my first set of turntables, a pair of Technics 1210s, and warmed up for dozens of my favourite artists, including Chase and Status, MJ Cole, Craig Charles, Rusko, Sub Focus, Wiley, Aphrodite, DJ Format and Kissy Sell Out.


In 2010 I moved to Bristol and worked at one of the UK’s largest DJ equipment shops, where I was resident expert on Pro Audio equipment and Lighting. I still drop by from time to time to check out all the latest gear.


Since then, I have taken my passion full time, supplying music and equipment for all kinds of events, and providing DJ tuition in schools to children who want to engage in this wonderful form of expression. In my spare time I produce my own music under my alias, POLO LILLI, and I run an open deck night (like an open mic night, but for DJs) called Bring Your Own Tracks, at which established and aspiring DJs can control the music and feel the thrill of making people dance.  


In 2019 I played at over 80 private events including weddings, birthday parties and corporate functions, and I’ve loved every minute!

In 2020 I was awarded the Bristol Prestige award for wedding DJ of the year! Take a look at my client testimonials to find out why.

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